Kookaburra Cricket Bat Kahuna 4.1 Standard or Long Blade

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Kookaburra Cricket Bat Kahuna 4.1 - NEW
English Willow Blade, Natural Finish, Traditional Shape
Renowned Legendary Kahuna Cricket Bat Famous for striking even the Biggest Boundaries

  • Sweet Spot: approx. 215mm to 235mm from toe

  • Edge Thickness: approx. 35mm to 38mm, Edge Profile: Rounded, Face Profile: Curved, Toe Profile: Standard

  • Spine Height: approx. 64mm to 68mm

  • Scallop: approx. 1mm to 2mm

  • Bow: approx. 11mm to 12mm

  • Handle Shape: Oval

  • Available Size and Weight: Short Handle Long Blade Weight Range: 2lb 9oz to 2lb 11oz

  • Short Handle Standard Blade Weight Range: 2lb 8oz to 2lb 10oz Light, Medium 2lb 11oz to 2lb 12oz

  • ‘Vertex’ Grip

  • Bat Trim: Green

Grade 4 Unbleached blade may have a discoloured area but the product playability should not be affected. There are often less grains and with butterfly stains and marks on the face of the bat


The majority of Kookaburra cricket bats sold world wide have been “Pre-Prepared” (orKPP). This process is done by hand,notmachine, and greatly reduces the timeneeded to prepare your bat for match play.

Please note that this is not a full ‘knocking in’ service and a minimum of an additional sixhours preparation work by yourself is required after purchase and prior to a match so that you can maximise the performance and longevity of your bat.

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