Hunts County Crickbox Cricket Training Coaching Aid

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Crickbox: Brilliant, Simple Fun Cricket Coaching Aid from Grassroots to all Cricketing Families
Ultimate for Training Coaching Aid - Bowling, Batting, Fielding Skills for Any Age Group
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  • Perfect for Coaching Club Juniors with Fun and Enjoyment

  • CRICKBOX is a system, a combination of bespoke equipment designed for training techniques created to get the most out of the players. Using all elements of CRICKBOX allows all players to improve their basic skills Bowling, Batting, Fielding and developing the whole Team.

  • Equipment is with durable markers that can be moved around to assist the running and help of cricket drills, techniques and muscle memory.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor and all weathers

  • Different colours markers clearly identifiable when training and it is the ultimate aid in painting a clear picture of your progress.

  • Drills and Skills have been created to focus on all aspects of training in bowling, batting and fielding. It can be used in all settings

  • Families, clubs, teams and individuals of any age and gender can benefit using the equipment

  • Bag consist of: Six coloured balls (numbered 1-6), Four yellow corner markers, Four white corner markers, Six coloured discs (numbered 1-6) Six numbers strips (numbered 1-6), Six yellow strips, One yellow marker square